You are ART!  Celebrate YOU!

Positive, empowering, and fun.  That's what you can expect on a shoot with me.  I focus on timeless, yet creative portraits. Natural beauty.  Amazing locations.   Art that you would be proud to see in an art gallery or hang in your room.

ARTSY Adventure Portraits

Amazing adventurous location shoots that are about natural beauty.  So many amazing locations in the Southeast.  Atlanta, Asheville, Chattanooga are all close to great spots.

ARTSY Adventure Portfolio

ARTSY Fine Art Nude in Nature

Fine Art Nude in amazing locations.  Local options in the Southeast and I travel out west at least once a year.

ARTSY Studio Fine Art

Bodyscapes, Fine Art nude, dance, yoga, silhoettes.

ARTSY Studio Portfolio

ARTSY Boudoir

Not your typical boudoir.  He might think this is for him, but its for YOU.  See yourself as ART in an intimate way.  Various location options including studio, AirBNB/hotel, and homes.  There are two vibes I go for in these- fine art and casual/authentic - versus the typical glam look you see in most boudoir photos. 

ARTSY Boudoir Portfolio

ARTSY Fashion, Editorial, and Lifestyle

Model portfolios, Influencers, Content Creators.  Studio and outdoor location options. 

ARTSY Fashion, Editorial, and Lifestyle Portfolio

How much does it cost?

There are a few options depending on the type of photoshoot you are interested in.

Private Photoshoot

Starts at $250 for outdoor  shoots and at $500 for studio shoots.

This is a photoshoot just for you with no photo release required.  This can be any look you want and doesn't need to fit into my core artistic styles.

Best for: Fashion, Editorial, and Lifestyle Portraits, Private Boudoir, Private Fine Art. 

ARTSY Photoshoot

My favorite!  Art for the sake of art.   Focus on adventure and natural beauty.  You do not need to be a model for this!  There are also anonymous options. No cost with photo release.  You receive all edits for your non-commercial use too.

Best for: ARTSY Adventure Portraits, ARTSY Fine Art Nude in Nature, ARTSY Studio Fine Art


Sometimes we do a shoot that is a mix of Private and ARTSY.  This can lower the cost of a Private shoot if we also make ART for my use.  Limited photo release required.

Best for:  ARTSY Boudoir, ARTSY Studio Fine Art

Model Opportunities

Occasionally I have a special project I'm working on that I'm open to hiring models to help create it. Limited opportunities.   Full photo release required.

Ready to make some ART?

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